Taking Simple Steps

Sharing the process of transitioning to a more sustainable lifestyle


Clearly, Donna Marie Dominica Marcantonio is not a simple name, yet my aim is towards simplicity.

After watching the film “No Impact Man” with a group of folks at its Transition Sarasota showing, I took on the challenge of participating in “No Impact Week”. This series of daily activities asked us to look at facets of our lives in terms of our footprint on the planet and find ways to lessen the burden. The first task was to sort through our garbage. Plastic yogurt containers, cardboard soymilk cartons, soup cans (and the list goes on) overflowed from my kitchen waste basket. I felt mortified at the amount of trash I had produced and was stopped in my tracks — I had a lot of work to do here. Instead of continuing on to the second day’s assignment, I stayed on this one, focusing on exhausting the ways of reducing my trash. It was here that I veered off from my over-consumptive trajectory and began this journey of cultivating a more sustainable lifestyle.

A year or so into my process, Don Hall, the director of Transition Sarasota, asked me to write a blog about my experiences to share with the community through the group’s website. Soon after, Dave Beaton of Sarasota’s Low-Powered Community Radio Station, WSLR 96.5 FM, invited me to record and broadcast the blogs on the radio.

This leads us to now.

In a nutshell, I seek to find and implement ways to live in tune with nature and Spirit. This, I believe, done communally, will change our culture for the better, bringing about inner and outer balance, harmony and peace.

I write because I hope you and others are also on this journey. I welcome you to read my observations and thoughts and share your own insights and experiences. Most importantly, for you and me and everyone and –thing on the planet, I hope you embark on this most incredible journey of taking simple steps towards creating more sustainable lifestyles.


10 thoughts on “Background

  1. Congratulations on your blogging endeavor. I love it and plan to follow it faithfully.

  2. Donna, blessings to you on your journey and creative activities. We’ll be watching your blog!

  3. Donna, while I’m not a blogger, tweeter or Facebook fan, I want to take time to commend you on your journey that is certainly derived from the “bigger picture”! Keep up the inspiration!

  4. Hi Donna,
    I just discovered your blog from a link on the jammers newsletter. It is great…thanks so much for doing this!

    • Peter,

      Thanks for taking time to read the blog and share your thoughts.
      I greatly appreciate the work you do to offer local food at your farmer’s market stand year round on Saturdays.
      My guests last night savored your homegrown papaya and the passion fruit I bought at your stand last week!

      Thanks again, Donna

  5. My Dearest Donna,

    I never go to gmail. I use juno. I just felt that there was something calling me at gmail and found these tender and perceptive essays. They are beautiful, beyond measure. I am so happy that you have the courage and insight to march to your own drummer. Much love and happiness. Happy Hanukkah and Happy Thanksgiving. I wish we could see each other more often. You are an inspiration and a teacher for me.

    Namaste & Love,

    • Thanks, Edith, for taking the time to read the blog and sharing your thoughtful, loving words.

      You have long been an inspiration and teacher to me, as well as a dear friend.
      I too wish we lived closer.I look forward to the next time we are together.
      Until then, enjoy a lovely, festive holiday season.

      Much love,

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