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enlightening thoughts

enlightening thoughts

I have sown a garden from seed. Each day I go outside and observe the growth. I notice extending vines, budding leaves, fruiting flowers, and the weight of my impatience with such subtle unfolding. Accustomed to the high speed of the internet and the quick pace of society, my mind is out of sync with the slow yet steady processes of life.

Research shows that our brains are constantly changing. Repeated thoughts create paths through which our minds come to routinely travel. My mind has been informed by the instant and the scattered. My thoughts no longer flow through seasoned and gathered trails.

Ancient Oriental wisdom says that thoughts lead to actions, actions to habits, habits to character and character to fate. I wonder about the future I am creating by my participation with technology and consumption of mass media.

Many years ago I took a class to become a Waldorf teacher. We were asked to mold clay into a cube, and then slowly smooth each corner and edge until it became a sphere. We were told to observe each form that arose, and in so doing, enliven our minds to the process of becoming.

I need to tread more closely with nature so as to learn natural cycles and rhythms. I must set wisely my habits of use with technology and media so as not to dislodge reality and fragment my life force. What we do individually becomes the culture we create collectively.


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