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Sharing the process of transitioning to a more sustainable lifestyle

Home Making


When I started making my own soymilk, cheese and bread, and canning and drying fruits and vegetables, my kitchen took on a new feel. I recognized it as one I had sensed in kitchens of old. The effort and care put into food processing, the simplicity of options for eating, and the varying availability of foodstuff had created a change and a portal had opened.

This surprised me. I had known my life to be fragmented and rushed, but it hadn’t occurred to me that by slowing down and living lower on the chain of food productivity, my life would gain a wholesomeness and sense of timelessness.

the present here now

the present here now

I now seek to extend this experience to other areas of living; I line dry my clothes, compost food scraps, use cloth bags and napkins, adjust room temperature using windows  and shades, make cards and gifts, and will soon use water from a rain barrel to water the garden.

Zen masters tell us that the fullness of life is here, right now; it is just a matter of opening up to it. To me, this is the promise of the future.


2 thoughts on “Home Making

  1. I love the “feel” of the kitchen and lifestyle you describe, Donna Marie. Slowing down . . . living lower on the chain of food productivity. Thank you again for the inspiration and challenge.

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