Taking Simple Steps

Sharing the process of transitioning to a more sustainable lifestyle

The New Frontier


Building more sustainable lifestyles takes inner as well as outer changes. There is much talk of the need for change, yet most of us walk the same treads, or perhaps treadmill, daily and can’t seem to find our way off.

I have decided to try to forge a new path. Parts of which are not new at all, simply abandoned for what many have now come to see was not the best road.

Our inclination is to go from here to there in one fell swoop, or not at all. The former tendency often has the same result as a crash diet – bringing us back to where we began. Neither leads us to what we desire.

I am discovering that by taking whatever small steps I can towards purity, simplicity, self-reliance and community, the boundary between what is and what needs to be fades, the world around me transforms, and new horizons appear.

Our current culture promotes lifestyles with so many dead-ends and vicious cycles. This new frontier proves to be vast and fruitful, giving me hope and direction.

As I take steps and share my views in the months ahead, I hope that you too are exploring this mostly uncharted terrain and will come to share your stories and insights.


10 thoughts on “The New Frontier

  1. Nice beginning Donna. I like the look. Your “simple steps” have had an influence even before the blog. From the conversations we had a couple years at Pax Christi and as you’ve shared from time to time some of the things you are doing, I have been challenged too to continue pursuing the vision of finding a different path midst the cultural pressures of our society. You are an inspiration.

    Thanks for sharing your blog. I look forward to future posts.

  2. The inspiration goes both ways, David. I have many a times taken to heart your steps and words and redirected myself to higher grounds. Thanks for walking on such a good path.

  3. This morning I wrote a very brief but admiring note of thanks, but it apparently didn’t get posted. So, belatedly, I hereby commend you, Donna Marie, for doing what so many others only talk about. I know of the depth of your commitment to simplicty and sustainability, and I look forward to reading here more as your thoughts and actions take further shape.

    • Sorry your post didn’t show up sooner, Pat, so you could know that it came through.

      I understand the challenge to moving in a new direction. Old routines and habits are entrenched and hard to leave behind. Demands, perceived or real, take up our limited time. We can find ourselves always trying to catch up. The question is: Where are we going and is it where we want to go?
      Without taking the time to sit, reflect and redirect, we are caught in a current which often brings us downstream.

      With determination we can change our course. I have found that by reflecting on my circumstances and taking whatever small steps I could in the direction deemed best, new possibilities have opened up into which I could step.

      My hope is that we each do whatever we can to create lifestyles, and in doing so, a culture, that reflects our deepest values.

  4. I believe in what you are talking about, Donna Marie, and look forward to joining the group who is following and implimenting the suggestions made on this blog.

  5. I am so glad you are doing this, Donna Marie. I will be following your posts, as we are on the same journey together. I made the same commitment a couple of years ago, and it has changed my whole life in many ways. I have not been blogging about it, although I did think about doing so. Been spending more time meditating, and studying, creating my life one day at a time, moving forward in sustainable directions — you know, creating “right livelihood” and so forth.

    This si why I have not been attending more Sarasota events, as I have been living the locovore life, staying in my own community here in Bradenton and on the island. Hasn’t been easy, because I am *creating* community, rather than falling into one already existing (for the most part). But — after more than 2 years of living this commitment, I am starting to see the fruit borne from it. All in the right time! Keep up the good work, I look forward to sharing this journey with you!

    • So good to hear, Alec. I, too, think it is so important to build up local community and am glad to hear of your efforts, although I miss seeing you. At times I think of what life would be like without an automobile and how far our range of motion would be. It is clear that the car both expands our horizons and contracts our communities.

      I would love to hear more about what you have done and are doing now. If you start a blog, I’ll link it to this one; if not, I invite you to share your steps and insights in this a forum. It is my hope that this blog becomes a place of conversation. We are all in this together and have so much to learn from each other.

  6. Glad to see you are doing this, Donna Marie. Looking forward to future updates!

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